Flashing OpenWrt onto the Cisco Meraki MR33 access point the hard way

Lately I got some used Cisco Meraki MR33 access points to upgrade my wireless network. Most of them came with a locked bootloader, which prevents me from flashing my own OpenWrt images, so removing the NAND and reprogramming it offline was necessary. This post documents the entire flashing process, some of the difficulties I dealt with, and provdes a simple replacement mounting bracket design for anyone who needs it.

Upgrading the onboard storage on a Wyse 3040 thin client

The Wyse 3040 thin client only comes with 8GB or 16GB of onboard eMMC storage with no options for expansion. I wanted significantly more storage than that, so I upgraded the eMMC with a 128GB one, and reused the 8GB one I removed to make a flash drive.